We’re unique

Summerfield Early Learning Centre stands apart from the others.

We’re one of a kind

No two children are the same…and we believe no two learning environments should be either.It’s not easy to replicate quality – that’s why there’s only one Summerfield.We offer a boutique learning environment, with uncompromising standards of quality, tailored to the needs & benefit of  your child.

High teacher ratios

Enquiring little minds and hands deserve lots of attention from qualified and experienced teachers.We believe all our children recieve the focussed care and attention that they require and deserve. Experienced and qualified teachers strive to nuture, care and provide for their needs to ensure that their happiness, well-being and education are supported and encouraged.2:7 teaching ratio with infants1:4 teaching ratio with toddlers1:6 teaching ratio in our Paua Centre (2-3.5 years)1:8 teaching ratio in our Pohutukawa Centre (3.5-5 years)

Spacious indoor play spaces

Three centres on three separate levels.Room to roam and explore.Separate rooms allow for small group work… where children’s creations are displayed to inspire and motivate… all in a light, aesthetically appealing environment.

Spacious outdoor interactive play areas

Just like a big backyard should be.With large open spaces, dotted with different theme-play areas for exploring… all in a stunning, natural setting… with real and mature trees ensuring a unique and rich outdoor experience.