What will I miss about Summerfield, now that I have turned five?

It’s a place of love and laughter that really allowed me to thrive.

I have so many good memories, I’ve learnt spelling and maths and all sorts.

My friends, the big ones and small ones, will always be in my thoughts.

To my wonderful bunch of teachers, you’ve all had a part to play

In making me the girl who stands before you today…

– Mia Bradford (5 years)

As a token of our gratitude to you all for the love and care you have shown both Katherine and Donovan over the last seven years we would like you to have this original Clemows Orchard packing label.

The Clemow family proudly placed these labels on produce which had been looked after and grown to its absolute best and then sent it to markets where those in the know would recognise that the produce was top quality.  Summerfield of course does not have the luxury of placing labels on the children as they leave but please be assured that those of us in the know recognise that the quality of care is second to none and that the end result of their time at Summerfield is a child who is at their absolute best.

All our love

– Steve, Christine, Katherine and Donovan Clemow

I’d just like to pass a few words on to the caregivers who have played a part in Astyn’s time at Summerfield.

It is with much regret that I see Astyn leave daycare, I hve watched my little girl grow over the years and you guys have been as instrumental to this as her mother her grandparents and myself.

Astyn was always excited to go and was always sad to leave in the afternoons and has never had a bad word to say about her days.  In a years time she will be starting school and with what she has learnt from you guys she could be going to school any time now!

I just want to say thank you on behalf of the McAlister family.  Astyn won’t forget her time and the friends she’s made.

A big thank you to everyone at Summerfield.


– Astyns Dad, Luke McAlister

I have three little girls aged six years, four years and 15 months.  I was very lucky to find Summerfield when I returned to work when my first daughter was six months old.  The great loving environment made it very easy for me to feel comfortable leaving my precious baby in their care.  Now my third is fifteen months old the place feels like our second home and the teachers our friends with the same ones that looked after my first daughter as a baby now looking after my third.  My oldest daughter is at school and loves dropping her sisters off and keeping up that great relationship she has with the teachers.  The girls all love their time at Summerfield.  Thank you for providing my daughters with such a happy nurturing place that has and will continue to allow them to grow up to be the best little girls they can be.

– Michele Simpson


For the past seven years it has been a pleasure to have our daughters Grace and Chloe attend Summerfield. This wonderful centre has nutured our children and prepared them so well for school. Our girls have enjoyed attending Summerfield and developed a love for learning, helped by the variety of activities and enthsiasm of their teachers.

Throughout the years our children have been cared for by Summerfield we have never once questioned our decision to select this centre to help raise our children during the pre-school years. The teachers are of the highest quality, caring and friendly. The centre is well run and efficient and provides great facilities for the children. Summerfield has helped our girls develop social skills and confidence that has prepared them for their school years.

Thank you to all the Summerfield teachers for being a part of Grace and Chloe’s life during these formative years.

Kind Regards,

Mary and Jason Buckley


 Dear Summerfield,

Well here we are on the eve of Corban’s transition to Kristin school kindy.

Thank you to all those at Summerfield who have supported Corban and provided him with the tools. experiences and opportunities to develop into the happy confident little guy he is today.

In particular, the last six months Corban has spent in the Pohutukawa centre have done wonders for him, he has had the encouragement to extend himself and his confidence and abilities have grown ten fold. The teachers in the Pohutukawa centre are awesome, constantly providing exciting and stimulating activities for the children and providing them with a safe and caring environment where they can give anything a go. We are only sorry Corban didn’t get to spend more time in the Pohutukawa centre!

Corban will treasure the three years he has spent at Summerfield and miss the special friends he has made along the way (he is already organising visits back to see everyone).

Thank you,

Tane and Bridget Dyer.



 “Thank you for looking after my heart. I will bring you a big cuddle  next time  I see you”. Lily-Anne’s own words
  To Summerfield,
Words cannot say, how special all of you are. You create such a wonderful environment and become like family to our Lily-Anne. You will never be forgotten by our family or our children. So a huge thank you to everyone who has hugged, loved and taught our very special Lily-Anne.

 Thank you

 Hailey Humphries