The Summerfield environment has been set up to allow for individual growth and to foster social dynamics.

Summerfield’s goal is to foster skills and values that remain with the children for life.

As the children get older more structure is incorporated into the program.  Mat times focus on literacy, numeracy and music, while group times provide your child with the opportunity to work closely with a teacher in a small group.  These group experiences are purposely designed for the children’s age and their level of development, and encourage social, physical and intellectual skills as well as creativity and self-confidence.

The early childhood curriculum ( Te Whaariki) forms the basis of Summerfield’s planning and learning.

The curriculum is based on four principles:

  • Empowerment
  • Holisitic development
  • Family and community
  • Relationships


Summerfield is the place where your child learns life skills, but fun and play are vital parts of learning.

In fact, play is where young children learn the most.

Outside of our many structured moments for learning throughout the day, we are all about fun and making the most of each and every moment!

Large, natural spaces – both inside and out – filled with equipment, keep little hands and minds engaged.

Children are encouraged to build relationships, explore their surroundings, test their abilities, and most importantly develop their independence, creativity and imagination, in an environment of fun and laughter.

Our teachers are dedicated to building a relationship with your child that will help  enhance their learning as well as making it a comforting, warm, happy and fun place to be.