Teachers and children in class at Summerfield Early Learning Centre in Albany, Auckland.

Early Childhood Education Programmes

At Summerfield in Albany, we recognise that no two children are the same and offer a specialised learning environment, with uncompromising quality standards tailored to the needs of your child. Our supportive education programmes allow children to be creative, inquisitive and responsible while being challenged and extended daily. This combined with a strong consultative partnership between teachers and families, provides a cohesive foundation for future learning.

Children sining in class at Summerfield Albany daycare.


Our curriculum is based on Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum and its four principles; Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family & Community and Relationships. Our teachers use this alongside the NZ primary school curriculum document, to support your child’s ongoing learning.

We provide a balance of structured learning opportunities alongside child-initiated play, allowing our children to explore and discover in large spacious environments that contribute to a sound education programme.

Teaching Approach

As a teaching team we seek to understand your child’s background, interests, strengths, likes, dislikes and ways of learning and knowing. We encourage your child to investigate, explore and make discoveries on their own.

We believe this balance enhances children’s curiosity, their sense of belonging and opportunities for formal learning with teacher engagement, alongside exploration and experimentation alone or with peers.

We encourage and expect a culture of respect for self, others and the environment. We want children to feel confident about sharing and interacting with peers and adults alike. We hope that children, families, staff and visitors enjoy the moment and have FUN!

Childcare teachers outside Summerfield daycare in albany.

Quality Early Learning

Our play-based programmes are designed to take your child’s uniqueness into account and to spark a love of learning. Our goal is to foster skills and values that remain with your child for life, building on existing skills and experience in a safe, secure environment.

Summerfield Early Learning programmes are delivered by qualified, caring and respectful teachers who are dedicated to building a relationship with your child that will help enhance their learning as well as making Summerfield a comforting, warm, happy and fun place to be.

(Infants and Toddlers)

Pipi children may be small, but they develop at a rapid rate with the support of caring adults. Summerfield’s youngest children are absorbing everything the world has to offer and they thrive in a safe environment that fosters responsive care routines. At Summerfield your child becomes part of our family because we know that young children need love, attention and regular contact to ensure a smooth transition between Summerfield and home.

A child at Summerfield daycare drawing with chalk on the ground.


Paua children need love and attention to support their growing independence, enhance their sense of belonging and in order to develop their language and motor skills. We believe it is essential that teachers are responsive to children, follow individual routines and encourage children to initiate their own play as they participate in our Being a Good Friend programme.
We provide an environment which is rich in experiences that challenge and stimulate children to be inquisitive and enthusiastic learners.

POHUTUKAWA Room (Preschoolers)

Pohutukawa children are inventive and creative explorers who want to test theories and practice their developing social skills. They like to be cooperative and collaborate in order to solve problems, take risks and understand their place in the world. With a focus on building self-confidence and supporting children to become intrinsically motivated, we see our oldest children really beginning to thrive by using their growing independence, creativity and imagination to support their own learning.