Fruit and vegetable daycare meal.
Fruit and vegetable daycare meal.

Nutrition – Healthy and Nourishing

Your Child’s Wellbeing

Well-balanced nutrition is essential to the health and wellbeing of every child. At Summerfield we understand the importance of good nutrition and the role it plays in your child’s ability to participate, learn and grow. We focus on providing fresh, wholesome, nutritionally balanced food options for your child.

Children eating cooked nutritious meals at daycare in Albany.

Tasty Nutritious Menus

The four-week rotating menu is carefully designed by our in-house cook whose focus is on creating tasty, nutrient-dense meals and snacks using seasonal produce. We believe in introducing your child to a variety of foods so they can make healthy food choices.

For children aged 4.5-5yrs our cook packs a full lunch box, complete with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This helps your child learn when and what to eat throughout the day, mimicking what they will be tasked with at school.

Children eating a cooked lunch at Summerfield daycare in Albany.

Allergies and Food Intolerances

Our menu is designed to suit all age groups. Please let us know if your child has allergies and or food intolerances so we can incorporate that into their daily nutrition.

To ensure children’s safety and wellbeing, teachers are attentive and supportive at every mealtime. We view mealtimes as another opportunity for learning and encourage conversation, social pleasantries and table manners when children are eating. Teachers support your child’s independence by promoting self-help skills and positive decision making.

We encourage family feedback and welcome well-loved family recipes that we could include in our menu.